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Winning Edge™ –
We have the WINNING formula

Winning Edge™ offer an excellent range of kibble's to meet the needs of greyhounds; Puppy, Racing & Brood Bitch. We have designed our range of kibble's using the finest proteins & carbohydrates to ensure your greyhound is in peak condition.


Winning Edge™ Kibble – 20kg Bag

Winning Edge™ Kibble offers an excellent source of Omega 3 oils and trace elements required by greyhounds to optimise performance along with digestive carbohydrates for providing energy.

Protein (Min) 12%
Fat (Min) 2.7%
Fibre (Max) 3.9%
Salt (Max) 1%

Wholegrain wheaten meal, meat meal (from beef & sheep registered abattoirs), di calcium phosphate, salt brewers yeast, garlic & kelp, vitamins A, D3, E, C, B12, B6, B1, B2, Folic & trace minerals including potassium, selenium & chromium.

Winning Edge™ Platinum – 20kg Bag

Winning Edge™ Platinum is an excellent source of high quality proteins and energy. Platinum contains a specially formulated blend of poultry and meat proteins, resulting in a higher quality protein which is essential for optimal performance.

Protein (Min) 23%
Fat (Min) 12%
Fibre (Max) 5%
Salt (Max) 1%

Wholegrain, meat & meat by-products derived from beef & sheep, grain by-products, poultry meal, tallow, oil from vegetable seeds, iodised salt, vitamins & minerals, Calcium proprionate (anti mould) & Vitamin E added.